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Educa Indian Educational Service started as a small entrepreneurial venture with the vision of spreading educational awareness and providing admission guidance to students based on interest and personality.


Educa Indian Educational Service 

Project Type

Education industry


Website Maintenance, Ad Management, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management


Promote and strengthen the brand identity of Educa Indian Educational Service within the education sector.


Services Performed

Strategic Ad Management

Thibstas Media's expertise extended to strategic ad management, a realm where Educa's educational brilliance found its digital spotlight.

Holistic Brand Strategy

Thibstas Media's expertise extended to the art of brand management, where we carefully nurtured Educa's identity in the digital landscape.

Social Media Brilliance

Thibstas Media's touch extended to the realm of social media, where we curated a digital space that celebrated Educa's educational prowess.

Website Excellence

Our partnership with Educa kicked off with meticulous website maintenance, an endeavor to craft a digital portal that mirrors their educational excellence.

Client Request

Educa Indian Educational Service has requested a range of services from Thibstas Media Private Limited, including Website Maintenance, Ad Management, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management 


Maintaining consistent and meaningful engagement with the target audience on social media platforms, including responding to inquiries and comments.


Our solution provides a comprehensive range of services that are designed to help our client to get the most out of this platform.


A responsive, fully functional and secure premium brand company.


Project Visuals

Screenshot 2023-09-15 155051
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155116
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155140
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155212
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155240
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155306
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155336
Screenshot 2023-09-15 155415
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